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After 'Works'

The wonderful accoutrements & add-ons and that make for their own collection.

  • Bath Pouf

    This is such an improvement on those plastic bath puffs.  Ramie/Cotton Blend Bath Pouf great for not only scrubbing the body, but also assists the sudsing of natural soaps & stretches a smaller amount of product.  To maintain: Allow to dry...

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  • Natural Bristle Wood Pumice Brush - Side View Natural Bristle Wood Pumice Brush - Pumice View

    Pumice Brush

    Wooden brush with natural fiber brush bristles on one side with a contoured pumice stone on the other. Great for scrubbing skin and exfoliating rough, dry or calloused skin.

  • Natural Ramie Soap Sack, Soap Saver

    Ramie Soap Sacs

    Natural Ramie texturized soap sac.  We love to use these as 'soap savors' meaning that as your soap bars become scraps, you can put them inside this sac and it will greatly extend their life.  These sacs are also plenty big enough to put you...

  • Soap Dish

    Perfect for helping preserve our natural soaps between uses and are cool looking too These dishes are sturdy and they do not allow soap 'goo' to set into any crevices and allow proper drying of the soap.  As with all natural soap, storing our soap...

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