The SoapBox - Episode 3: Chaos to Calm

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The SoapBox - Episode 3: Chaos to Calm

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When did this fast paced life grow teeth and begin to devour us in our entirety? In this episode, we consider what can be done to reduce this lifestyle turmoil roller coaster with horns.

The stress and obsessive over scheduling seems to lead to less happiness and less time for what we love, while increasing anxiety, depression, sickness, and general dissatisfaction.

Some things to consider about the chaos in each of our lives:

* Where is your chaos/stress in your life? (eg. money, health, kids, marriage, friends, home, job...)

* Why do you have this?

* Can you let it go?

* What measure can you implement to address eliminating this pressure?

Let's hear from you what has been effective in your life and what you struggle with.  Have you learned to say NO? OR learned to practice a calming lifestyle? 

Pass along your successful practices below :)

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Thank you for joining us in pursuit of a lifestyle of Less. Better.

-The Chemist's Wife

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