The SoapBox - Bonus Episode - The Elephant in the Room

Anti-Viral -

The SoapBox - Bonus Episode - The Elephant in the Room

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We wanted to interrupt your normal broadcast to address the Coronavirus pandemic that is severely effecting our country.

Two most import factors in battling the contagion:

1: Limiting Exposure - Self Quarantining, Isolating vulnerable populations, and streamlining activities and staying home :) - yay!

2: Managing Exposure

     *The Beauty of Soap!!!  Grabs ahold of germs, bacteria and viruses and discards them from your body with the water. What matters is the duration and the friction.  This is the best things to control spread of illnesses  - Wash your hands!!!                    

     *Kill it with Sanitizer! W.H.O. (World Health Organization) says to use ingredients of 60% alcohol content in order to kill viruses.  If you cannot find hand sanitizer, you can use 75% isopropyl alcohol (available at most groceries). Also, grain or strong alcohols which must be a 120 proof or more (Everclear, Moonshine (plain), or Vodka work well).

Don't forget to continue to boost your immunity with a healthy and balanced diet, Vitamin D , Vitamin C , Gut health foods like fermented, good yogurt, kombucha.  Also keep taking elderberry concentrate and fire cider.

Remember to support your local small businesses as you can during this time, enjoy your family time, and think about resetting the parameters of the lifestyle that you will resume when this whole mess passes.  Maybe we can emerge with a different point of view point on what really matters.  Thank you for being here with us.  We appreciate this community of wonderful people.

Stay Strong and Safe Friends,

-The Chemist's Wife

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