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  • BARE BABY Bottom Balm

    This product has proven to be a powerhouse.  Not only is an amazing diaper rash relief option, it is used by many adults to relieve chafing and provide anti-fungal protection. Our Bottom Balm also provides a nearly water-proof protective layer to...

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  • Lavender, Milk Dead Sea Salt Bath Aloe, Rose & Geranium Himalayan Salt Bath

    Bath Salts

    Enrich and treat your body with these pure combination of bath salts.  Use at least 1/2 cup to any warm bath and take your time and soak.  Use as often as you wish. Lavender Milk Bath These Ingredients are commonly used...

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  • Therapy Gold Balm Ivy Relief Gold Balm

    Gold Balm Salves

    Intense salves designed and handcrafted for very specific uses.  Each with they own infusion of specifically curated, farm grown and freshly harvested plant medicinals, an assortment of nutrients, and essential oils. Comes in 3...

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  • Salted Calamine

    Salted Calamine

    This was the #1 most requested bar for 2014.  After a season in the field, this was the result.  A buttery therapy to assist in skin conditions such as poison ivy, chicken pox, and sunburn.  With the assistance on Geranium, Calamine,...

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