Bar Safe Soap Saver

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Keep it high, keep it dry. The Bar Safe is shaped like ramen noodles, but made from bioplastics.

Extend the life of your bar soap, solid shampoo, solid conditioner, hair bars and more! 

Designed using multi-directional bioplastic (made using materials such as corn starch and recycled plastics), allowing water to drain and air to circulate. It can be used in your existing soap dishes, shower shelves or countertops. 

How to Clean: Simply hold it under running water and give it a few quick squeezes, or sanitize in the top rack of the dishwater. May bend with excess heat. 

Fit it to your soap trays or dishes:  Any of the sizes can be trimmed with scissors to fit unusual-shaped soap dishes. 


approx. sizes 3.25” x 4” (oval), 3" x 3" (round) | made in USA | recycled, bioplastic | BPA-free | phthalate-free | package-free