Loose Leaf Tea Glass Infuser

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*Tea Sold Seperately*

πŸƒ Tea Brewing Made Simple quick & convenient: new design Cork Lid Glass Tube Tea Steeper is easy to use gently pull the cork out of the tea infuser put the proper amount of loose tea in from the top, soak the tube with tea leaves in the hot water and enjoy your cup of tea.

πŸƒ Quality That Matters: The tube tea strainer is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass without relying on any BPA allowing you to easily fill it with loose leaf tea and leave it in water to brew. It’s simple, reusable, easy to clean, and suitable for most herbal and loose-leaf tea.

πŸƒ Multi-function: The loose tea device is suitable for loose leaves, tea, vanilla, spices, etc. It is very suitable for making a cup of refreshing hot tea in the morning, a cup of calming and soothing warm tea before going to bed, and it can also be used to mix spices and make tea. The tea maker is the perfect tea set for office, family, and travel.

Enjoy drinking tea brewing your loose-leaf tea with ease, great for kids and adults. High-quality Glass.