A Love Story

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A Love Story

The moment we locked eyes my heart was stolen. It was when I understood the meaning behind every love poem and pining tune ever written.  I was unexpectedly lost in another person as I never knew I could be, especially considering I was already married to my very best friend and what I thought was the love of life.  But even that Shakespearean love story was no match for this new face starring back at me.  As we introduced ourselves to each other, the rest of the world shrunk, and a whole new mission in life unfolded that day I became a mother.  Our children encapsulate our being so much so that it's hard to imagine a day would come that your job would be done.  As I reflect on what love means to me, I attribute so much to that very first little girl that came to know me as mom, who now seeks her path away from home.  As my heart adjusts to that new normal without her in my home, I realize how much she brought to us.  She was the reason that this business began and she drove me to be braver then I thought I could be.  I credit her for so much of my motivation to create bring things to fruition, including the little sister she BEGGED for, who now has me entangled like no other.

There are people that come into your world that show you how all encompassing love can really be and how deep it can grow.  These are the people that nourish all that is beautiful.  Whether its romantic partners, friends, kids or even fur babies (or scaley cuddlers) this love can feed your spirit, stomp out loneliness and make you rise to be better than you were without it.  For once you've been touched by true love's kiss, it doesn't make all else seem dim at all.  Once you experience it even once, you see it in everyone around you. You recognize the infectious nature of what love can do and you also learn to attract more of it.

As February rolls in and we use this month to honor those who have struggled, let's reinvest in love.  Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be all about lust-filled jaunts filled with acrobatic highlights.  It can be pensive and filled with all that is sweet and beautiful too.  By all means, stock up on that edible underwear if you choose, but either way, consider yourself blessed.

Peace & Love to all of you beautiful Cherubs,

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