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Baby Products, Less Better -

Babies don't need the amount of products that we have come to believe they need and what they do need is the same that we all need - pure and simple ingredients.

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Less Better, Natural Laundry Care, Soap Nuts -

I've been reading about soap nuts for a while now.  After a long winter, I finally have my hands on some.  Meet Sapindus mukorossi, also called Reetha fruits, and known as Indian Soapberries, Wash Nuts, or Soap Nuts. These berries have been used for centuries in India to clean and wash as they contains secretions called saponins.  Saponins are what make all soaps work, in that they will bind to both water particles and dirt oils to basically make them water soluble allowing them to be washed away.  These Saponins make these dried fruits a wonderful, natural detergent for washing the...

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