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Natural Baby Products

From the moment our babies are born, we are consumed by giving them the best.  We buy them the cutest outfits to be washed in specialty detergent.  We get special baby lotions, oils, powders, and diaper rash creams.  All things 'baby' make it better and safer and they are worth it, right?  But not everything is always what it seems and what we don't realize is that we may be simultaneously beginning the accumulation of toxic load into our children's system.

Commercial baby product's marketing of 'baby' products as natural, clean fragrance free, or even pediatrician recommended gives us a false confidence in their safety.  Unfortunately, many commercial skin care product companies are driven by profit over true substance.  For instance, at least one major trusted baby product brand who has marketed their products as safe and for babies specifically for more than 3 decades, has been known to include chemicals that they knew were health concerns and continued selling them and marketing them to parents for their children. Let this be a lesson for us to READ THE INGREDIENTS.  Ingredients matter over marketing and learning to understand those ingredients make us difficult to fool.  

Babies don't need the amount of products that we have come to believe they need and what they do need is the same that we all need - pure and simple ingredients.  I often get parents that need help with allergies, rashes, and cradle cap and attribute my products with 'healing' those issues, but I cannot take that credit.  The fact is that those chemical laden commercial 'baby' products create those problems and using real ingredients that are not carcinogens and common allergens don't.  Our bodies aren't always obvious that a product is problematic, but when they are - we have to pay attention.  Many years ago, I gifted a family member some homemade baby products for their baby.  Almost 2 years later, she divulged that she was embarrassed to tell me that she had never used them until her baby began having reactions and serious yeast infections and nothing else she found was working.  She was blown away when it worked immediately. 

It's time to unwrap our belief system that these big companies have superior products that we can trust and that the lady down the street whipping things up in her kitchen doesn't.  The more educated you become as a consumer, the better your choices for your baby will become. The scrutiny you give to what goes on and in your baby, can be the same for you as well.  After all, as go us - so go our children.

So, admire those fresh and innocent babes and give them everything you can, but let them inspire you to think differently.  'Baby' products should be YOUR products too. Think about making a change and leading your family into a new direction of investing in all of your long term, whole body health with a simpler, but a higher quality skin care regime. 

Big Hugs to ALL you Baby Mommas!


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