Spring is Springing

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Spring is Springing

From the official celestial start of spring, the anticipation grows, even as our Ohio weather whips its fierce and seductive temptations wildly to and fro. Our humanity begins to develop an aggressive high energy as we emerge from near hibernation.  Hopes, plans, and the activity of life and color explode around us. The lively sounds of buzzing bees, chirping birds, and dogs barking carry with intensity on such heavy air.  The engines rumbling, and extended trips to the mailboxes allow renewed relationship with long lost neighbors. There is an anticipation of decluttering, cleanliness, & screen doors.  As my littlest SoapWorker always said "It’s arm shirt weather!"  To-do lists consume our minds even while walking in the woods in hopes of foraging for the springs coveted delicacies. Fresh herbs begin to decorate our plates, autumn seeds fill my basket, and wild mushrooms hope to fill our bellies.  The porch nests are newly inhabited and the house finch is no longer where a robin took its place.  The orchard flowers in full bloom are insinuating the abundance that late summer will yield. The rumbling of motorcycles fills the silence followed by the quiet whooshing gaggle of bicyclists clattering in conversation with each other.  The last of the heavy laundry makes its way to hangers with the destination of a less convenient closet placement.  Muddy softball cleats emerge from storage to take a central location, contributing clods of what must be the most decadent of treats to a new puppy. To my parent peers and members of my future folk revival band ‘Chores and Sports’, I tip my sporty visor to you.  We will survive this!

Digging in the dirt for the first time becomes its own spiritual experience. Bring on the scrubbing soaps here!  The gardens need tending...What made it through? It would brighten my day to see the sage and rosemary. The late frost killed the peach buds last year, but this year...?? Fingers crossed..  The slow growing coveted arnica plant survived and will be seeing customers very soon.  Spring makes for a special time for farmers, gardeners, outdoorsmen and witches.  As I claim all of the above, it does the same funny thing to my stomach to watch the carcass of my pompous grass corrode rather than bare emergent greenery as it does to see the busting buds of a concord vine that will not be contained by the insufficient support that lifted its spindly vines just the year before. Each and every fate leans on my back to complete exhilarating work.  Oh sweet soreness!  


The excitement and drama of the earths cycle that lends to us this season as one of the most awe inspiring is in full glory.  The days will continue to lengthen, the moisture will swaddle the spores, the soil temperature will rise and we will begin to bask in the glory of harvest, warm winds and cool waters. The green days will slink into warmer nights as lazy day drinking while you float becomes the norm.  A slower pace will emerge and a casual and barefoot ease will encompass us soon enough.  But that’s a topic for another day....


Peace and Love Soapsters,

The Chemist’s Wife