Just Dill with it!  A Pickle Ponderation

Just Dill with it! A Pickle Ponderation

The world's got you in a pickle and you're feeling sour.   I feel that!

You're feeling salty these days.   (Energetic Fist Bump!)


The kids are back to school as Covid cases rise again. Political ideologies are dividing us and we are ripe for discourse.  As the stress is real and the anxiety has its hold on each of us, we wanted to intervene with some silliness and humor.  We seek to cut the tension this month with the most joyful and figurative of topics - pickles...?  yep - pickles.

Pickles, simply put, are an ancient way to preserve what is fresh by allowing it to marinate in a brine.  As many of us have used our time this past year to get 'pickled' on the regular, it's a subject that usually brings plain joy. Historically pickles have been salvation for most societies, as they allowed for the preservation of provisions in times when there was scarcity.  It was a food source that allowed people to travel, saved them from starvation, and were often thought to have saved many sailors by warding off scurvy. Pickles have saved humans all over the world throughout time and are just plain magical!

Ya know, it takes a sour women to make a good pickle, and... I'm that girl!  So I thought, 'Let's make a pickle soap!!!' I just wanted to throw up my hands and rebel a bit and make this weird soap - so I did!  

What I didn't expect though, is to love it so SO much!

If you too wanna tickle your pickle and get your sour state under control - check out our latest small batch soap available here.

While we may not be able to control the situations we find ourselves in these days, we might be reminded to take some time to...marinate a bit.  And maybe when Uncle Jim spouts off on facebook, you might even allow a bit of humor to seep in as you imagine the magic of the simple pickle.

Relish in the beauty that today can hold, sweet gherkins.