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Ok.  Full Disclosure...  I wash my hair about once a week.  I remember when this was something from the days of beauty parlors and beehives, but I guess now it describes me too.  I must admit, I get less weird looks these days and more "Oh, me too's."  Only now we do it not to preserve some fancy do, but because quite frankly - we don't need to.  When I look at why I used to wash my hair daily, it was because if i didn't my hair was an uncontrollable mess.          Now, we all have different hair...

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Dangers of UV, Natural sunscreen, Reef Safe Sunscreen, Sun protecting foods -

Having pale skin and living in the tropics don't mix well. While most of my work entailed night patrols on prime nesting sites, there were many days spent walking and surveying along the beaches.  You see, for a few years I was a sea turtle biologist and found myself working in tropical areas just north of the equator where the suns rays are far less forgiving.  It was a hard lesson after one particular sun poisoning that jolted me into a very different relationship with the sun though. The 60's, 70's, and 80's were recalling their aluminum sun reflectors and baby oil and...

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Fall Harvest, Gardening, Medicinal Garden -

From the official celestial start of spring, the anticipation grows, even as our Ohio weather whips its fierce and seductive temptations wildly to and fro. Our humanity begins to develop an aggressive high energy as we emerge from near hibernation.  

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